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No scale..No problem!

31 Jan

I’m in the process in finalizing my move and completely transferring all my stuff over to the new house.  I just realized I haven’t weighed myself in over a week which for me is almost mind boggling.  I keep thinking did i gain, did I lose, am i the same??  I had to miss my weight watchers meeting last week due to it conflicted with the move.  But the week before I had lost 5 lbs from my starting week.  My weight was 194.4 lbs.  I’m not going to weigh myself until Sat (that will be two weeks since my last weight in).  I really just need to get to 189, be at 10 lbs lost and only have 9 lbs to get to 180 lbs which for me 180 lbs is me looking average.

I see all these blogs that started around the same  time I did wanting to do fitness competitions and I see how far they  have gotten and how far I have to go.  But, it has inspired me to do better and that if I stick to what I know will work I to can have the great results.  I stumbled upon a female here in Atlanta who just started training with a trainer for her first bikini competition.  I just need to get down to 180 lbs so that I don’t go into training needing to lose a lot of fat, I want to utilize a trainer when I am looking to really lean out and build muscle.

On a non fitness note this is what I eat for lunch EVERY DAY and I have yet to get sick of it…


https://mail-attachment.googleusercontent.com/attachment/?ui=2&ik=011383da6c&view=att&th=13c914d0ebcc2a03&attid=0.1&disp=inline&safe=1&zw&saduie=AG9B_P-AdnqTBp1QHR79ODEPYt_w&sadet=1359647468669&sads=IJCz6V0sxO0W0VdTDpo0FHTdp34&sadssc=1It is a ham, pico de gallo, honey mustard and low carb wrap.  It is 7 weight watchers points and simply delicious and very satisfying!


I’m baaaccckkk

29 Jan

So i’m back from a much needed hiatus.  I needed to focus on myself, my family (my 19 year old sister got in a bad car accident Jan 2nd), and just not let weight loss control my life.  However, I’m back here to try to figure out how to not let weight loss consume my life.  It’s either I”m 110% on some diet band wagon or I’m eating like I haven’t seen pizza or cookies in three years.  There is no middle ground.  So the past two weeks I have been trying to focus on moderation.  I’m not saying any food is off limit.  I joined weight watchers.  I dont necessarily believe they have anything special to offer (it’s a glorified calorie counter tool).  However, I think one of my issues since my move is not having friends and not having people to hold me accountable.  So the weekly weigh in, encouragement from my leader and other members, and being able to make some friends is what helped me decide this was the right path.  I have successfully lost weight in the past with and without weight watchers so I’m confident that I can do it.

My biggest struggle (as long with most people I believe) is the weekends.  And not drinking my weight in alcohol and going out to dinner doing the entire “Well one day won’t hurt I’m just gonna eat all I can today and then be strict tomorrow”.  Am I the only one who does this mental game?? And then Sat comes and something comes up and I go out to eat again and I”m like well Friday I was so bad what’s another day going to do?  Andddddd here comes the on going cycle lol!

Well long story short I”m glad to be back!  I see most of the blogs that I was following are no longer posting or went on similar holiday hiatuses as mine.  So I’m excited to find some new bloggers to follow and motivate me 🙂