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Weekend Success!

25 Mar

So my whole have my “relaxed meal” on Thursday night was a total success!  I was on track all weekend didn’t eat anything outside of what I purchased at the grocery store and I feel great this morning.  I worked out Fri, Sat, Sunday, and this morning!

A few highlights of the yummy things I cooked over the weekend:


Turkey Meatloaf Muffins


Banana Protein Pancakes

We also did Taco’s for dinner Sat & Sun.  Tacos/fajitas are some of our favorites since J can eat the tortilla and load up on condiments and I can keep it low cal with a lettuce wrap, or convert it into a salad.  It’s perfect!

Here’s my weight in from Sunday:


188.6!  I do remember this past fall I think I got up to 200 lbs so the scale is definitely heading in the right direction 🙂


Happy & Fit

14 Mar

So I know I haven’t posted for a LONG time.  But, I”m happy to report that I think I am the healthiest I have been in probably about a year.  I haven’t seen the scale drop too much (I’m current 192.8 lbs).  However, the inches I have seen melt off of me.  I think part of the reason the scale isn’t dropping is the amount of lifting I’m doing.  But, I just have to learn to not focus on a number and focus on how I feel and how I look.  I did start a 9 day cleanse on Monday and today is my first FULL cleanse day and it’s only 8 AM and I feel very hungry.  However, I know I can do this!  I have done a full cleanse day before and I can do it again.  The point of the cleanse is to nip a downward spiral I saw coming in the bud before it starts to derail me from my goals.  I went home over the weekend because my grandfather was sick and between eating at home, visiting family and going out to eat, and airport food I absolutely made some poor choices.  I got back Sunday and decided to start the cleanse on Monday to ensure that I stay on track and I don’t let any sugar/carb highs from the weekend visit get me off track!

I have been in Atlanta for almost a year now and I am SO SO SO happy to say things are finally coming together and I’m starting to make friends.  I found a girl at the gym who had become a “workout buddy” and she too played college basketball and works out intensely.  So we make fantastic partners who really push and challenge eachother with some friendly competition.  I also made some friends at work with whom J (my boyfriend) and I joined a Sunday kick ball league with.  We found some friends we went to school with who recently moved down here.  It is just all coming together and I realize why it was so hard for me to lose weight this past year.  You can’t lose weight when your unhappy. Period.

So do I have any goals?

Whyyy yes I do 🙂

I’m heading to Vegas April 19th for J’s birthday and I would love, love, love to be around 184 (what I was before I moved to Atlanta) to feel comfortable while I’m there!  I’m hoping that at the end of this cleanse I can get down to 188 or so (and keep it off).  And the final four lbs is just nutrition.

I will say over all I am eating clean 65% of the time and then other 35% is basically Fri-Sat of junk.  I am going to work on upping that to 85% and 15% over the next few weeks.  I need to start posting pics of the recipes I’ve been making.  I have turned into quite the clean chef!

I hope everyone else has been on track for 2013 and having a terrific Thursday!!!



6 Dec


Yup I’m still on track I will do my weekly weigh in tomorrow!

Where all my weight loss blogs at??

30 Nov


Below is my meal plan….that so far I have stuck to 100 freakin percent!!  I am trying to find blogs to inspire me and all my favorite blogs seem to be on a hiatus?!  Let’s go people!!! We can’t wait til after Christmas to see what the damage is and try to do a sterotypical new years resolution to burn off the 20 lbs we needed to lose + the 10 lbs we gained from Oct-Dec. Who is with me??Image

If you’re tired of starting over, stop giving up

29 Nov


I love this quote!  Basically describes what has been in my head the past few days with disappointment but like I said I’m not dwelling on the past!

I had a pretty tough workout last night doing combat.  I felt tired, my legs hurt and I was out of breath.  BUT I made up for it this morning with a good 700 calorie workout!  I have a babyshower this evening so I knew I wasn’t going to be able to finangle getting to the gym after work and made it happen this morning. 

Last night BEFORE the gym I made Sesame Chicken with Sweet Potato and Hoison.  It was absolutely delicious and a huge hit with the boyfriend as well.  I ate mine plain and put his over some yellow rice.  It is a recipe from Tosca Reno’s clean eating guide/cookbook and I am cooking two more recipes from it this weekend and I am so excited to try these new recipes now!!


Oh and I’m down to 194.8lbs.  So i feel a little better to lose 4.2 lbs of holiday bloat.  Let’s hope I can lose some more by Tuesday to log a good first week’s lost! 

Two days of p90x down…88 to go (god that sounds depressing)

9 Oct

Two days of p90x down and my arms aren’t as sore as I thought they would be.  Yesterday was chest and back and I burned around 900 calories between that and some treadmill/eliptical work after.  This morning was plyometrics which was really tough.  I only burned around 550 calories so I will be doing another workout this evening to try to fit more cardio in.  I have to find a good balance between the lifting in p90 and cardio.  I would love to start running again.

Survived the weekend!

8 Oct

So I have survived the weekend with minimal bad eating. After talking to a friend who had successfully trained for her first bikini competition (and got 5th place) woohoo! She told me i should really incorporate a meal where I can feel free to eat what I want if it’s have a drink, eat a sandwich something so that I do not feel serious anxiety when going out to eat.  So Friday I did have 1 drink and went out to eat but I had the burger without the bun and a side of veggies.  I really don’t want to eat crap.  I want to see results and the last few months I had cheat weekends and look at my weight in page and you will see how far that got me *cough* no where * cough*

Anywho I tried some new recipes this weekend.

Paleo Banana Bread:

photo.JPGMy review: FAIL. I hated it, my boyfriend spit it out…and the remaining 4/5 of the loaf which you see here graced the trash can :(.  Sorry, couldn’t eat it…it tasted nothing like real banana bread I couldn’t find one reason why I would ever put it in my mouth a second time.

Spaghetti Squash with homemade sauce


My review:  AMAZING.  Absolutely delicious.  My boyfriend licked the plate, we were both very full after.  He complimented me on the dish again this morning and asked if I was going to eat all the sauce while he’s gone the next three days on business LOL!  I just ate some left over sauce as a “chili” with some Parmesan cheese sprinkled on top and it was just as filling and didn’t taste much different then chili.

Shrimp Skilled

My review: I forgot to take pictures of and it also came out good.  I seasoned the shrimp over night in a lemon/garlic mixture and the shrimp tasted good.  I think the lack of anything but shrimp and veggies made it hard to get full off of.  We were both scrounging for a snack a few hours later.

But eating wise I’d give the weekend a 7!   Today is my first day of p90x

I am so excited but definitely ready to be sore!  I am in pretty good shape but pullups I don’t normally incorporate in my workouts and today’s workout is chest and back which are two places I don’t tend to work a lot so I am going to be VERY sore after today.  I’m excited to do it in a group setting to push me harder and hold me accountable and to have trainers be able to do the same and correct me on any form.  I did my beginning measurements, weigh in and fit test at the gym.  My weigh in was 201lbs.  I was fully clothes holding keys and wearing sneakers but still seeing 200 lbs on the scale was a huge eye opener. 

For anyone else who does p90x they do have an app now where you can write down your progress in the fit tests, track food, do before and after pictures, etc.  I think it’s only on the iphone but a nice thing to download!