It’s called a break up because its broke

18 Dec

I broke up with my boyfriend Sunday night… It’s been an emotional roller coaster but it was totally necessary. He was holding me back and my biggest non supporter in my weight loss journey!

So I’m leaving to head home to Maine Friday for a week and a half. Coming back and moving out and will again be independent and 2013 will be a year where all my goals will be met. No unsupportive boyfriend to hold me back!


It’s a loss!

7 Dec

192.4 lbs that’s a week one loss of 6.6 lbs!! Very happy with my progress but not over celebrating!


How I feel right now..

6 Dec


Just had an amazing workout with BLAST 900 in Atlanta. Hands down one of the best work outs I have had. Absolutely suggest it to anyone in the Atlanta area. Starting December 15th they have monthly unlimited packages!



6 Dec


Yup I’m still on track I will do my weekly weigh in tomorrow!

Where all my weight loss blogs at??

30 Nov


Below is my meal plan….that so far I have stuck to 100 freakin percent!!  I am trying to find blogs to inspire me and all my favorite blogs seem to be on a hiatus?!  Let’s go people!!! We can’t wait til after Christmas to see what the damage is and try to do a sterotypical new years resolution to burn off the 20 lbs we needed to lose + the 10 lbs we gained from Oct-Dec. Who is with me??Image

If you’re tired of starting over, stop giving up

29 Nov


I love this quote!  Basically describes what has been in my head the past few days with disappointment but like I said I’m not dwelling on the past!

I had a pretty tough workout last night doing combat.  I felt tired, my legs hurt and I was out of breath.  BUT I made up for it this morning with a good 700 calorie workout!  I have a babyshower this evening so I knew I wasn’t going to be able to finangle getting to the gym after work and made it happen this morning. 

Last night BEFORE the gym I made Sesame Chicken with Sweet Potato and Hoison.  It was absolutely delicious and a huge hit with the boyfriend as well.  I ate mine plain and put his over some yellow rice.  It is a recipe from Tosca Reno’s clean eating guide/cookbook and I am cooking two more recipes from it this weekend and I am so excited to try these new recipes now!!


Oh and I’m down to 194.8lbs.  So i feel a little better to lose 4.2 lbs of holiday bloat.  Let’s hope I can lose some more by Tuesday to log a good first week’s lost! 

Today is a blessing

28 Nov

Today really is a blessing.  Yesterday I stepped on the scale and saw 199 lbs. Yes I could go on and on about how I gave up and how eating healthy is hard during thanksgiving and it’s too cold to run outside or blah blah blah.  But looking back on this blog all i do is make excuses and beat myself up over the past.  For this reason I will NOT be doing that I am going to talk about moving forward.

I made myself a great eating plan for the next week.  I’m going to just focus on one week at a time of good clean eating.  No not eating carbs, no not eating sugar, nothing strict nothing ruled out. Before I started dieting two years ago I never had an issue with binge eating.  It’s once I decided to do a low carb restrictive diet and then stopped and gained the weight back i now OBSESS about food.  So enough is enough I have to learn how to eat like a normal person and not want to shove my face.  And not have a “cheat day” where I find a way to eat 3,000+ calories in one day because for the past week I have been craving 10 different types of junk food.  In turn wasting GOOD money on the junk I decided to buy that day because whatever left overs are there I spray with bleach and put in the trashcan.  YES I have to spray with bleach because I WILL comb the trashcan if my cravings are bad enough the next day.  Then repeat this cycle weekly….I take two steps forward in my weight loss and then four steps back.  Thankfully from reading other people’s blogs on here I see I’m not the only one who is addicted to food.

So as I’m half way through my first day of healthy eating a friend I met a few months ago but have been bad about staying in touch with texted me and said she joined my gym and she wants to do a class with me.  Long story short she just lost 15 lbs has 15 more lbs to lose wants to work out with me and wants to do a 30 day challenge.  LIKE COULD THERE BE BETTER TIMING?! 

I am so so so so so thankful that she got in contact with me and I have some motivation to hold me accountable for being in the gym and hey who likes when their friend drops 30 lbs and they gain 10?!