My name is Serena

I recently moved from Boston to Atlanta and with that came about  10 lbs.

Come join my on my journey from 195 lbs down to 165lbs. It isn’t all about the weight though ladies and gents! I want to compete in fitness competitions and have a sculpted body!

Using Isagenix, Intense Fitness Training, and a new found passion for overall fitness, self-love, and health I will reach all my goals and more!

My goal is to sign up for my first figure competition by Thanksgiving!


  • I hate writing but love blogging? Oxymoron much?
  • I played college basketball and have gained 30 lbs since I stopped 2 years ago
  • I have a boyfriend who can eat whatever he wants and not gain a lb
  • I love to travel
  • I’m one of 5 girls in my family, second oldest but act (and get treated) like I’m the youngest
  • I am quite possibly one of the best arguers and presenters because I can make anyone believe what I say (good and bad thing)
  • I love to exercise but I also love to eat…..this is why you are reading this 🙂

Any questions about my health or diet please feel free to email me at serena.dubois@gmail.com!


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