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Weekend Success!

25 Mar

So my whole have my “relaxed meal” on Thursday night was a total success!  I was on track all weekend didn’t eat anything outside of what I purchased at the grocery store and I feel great this morning.  I worked out Fri, Sat, Sunday, and this morning!

A few highlights of the yummy things I cooked over the weekend:


Turkey Meatloaf Muffins


Banana Protein Pancakes

We also did Taco’s for dinner Sat & Sun.  Tacos/fajitas are some of our favorites since J can eat the tortilla and load up on condiments and I can keep it low cal with a lettuce wrap, or convert it into a salad.  It’s perfect!

Here’s my weight in from Sunday:


188.6!  I do remember this past fall I think I got up to 200 lbs so the scale is definitely heading in the right direction 🙂



20 Mar

I did a HIIT Class at 5:30 this AM………………..

Yes, I was asleep until five minutes into the class.

BUT I felt fantastic half way through and on!  And now my workout is out of the way. And who knows, if I’m feeling ambitious later I might go for a nice run!  Can you tell I’m in a good mood? Why would I be?!  I woke up this morning, I have all my fingers and toes intact, and I’m having a good hair day ;).

I will post a picture later of my lunch because my food prep this week has been nothing short of A-M-A-Z-I-NG (pats self on the back).

I did realize yesterday that preparation is key…My boyfriend is car shopping so I was at the Audi dealer with him and ended up eating two packs of peanut butter crackers out of boredom/hungriness.  Not the end of the world, not going to beat myself up over it.  Because when I beat myself up I usually end up binging on whatever I can get my hands on because, well face it, I already am over my calorie limit might as well do some more damage for today.  Terrible thinking, I know…but, reading these blogs it seems to be a common theme so at least I’m not alone in awful relationships with food!

Well I’m going to go back to counting down the next 26 minutes until I can eat again haha!

Enough is Enough!

19 Mar

So I went to a St. Pattys day party Saturday night…and pictures were taken…and let’s just say I didn’t look nearly as good as I thought I did when I left my house.  Maybe it was the Margaritas and Beer Pong that  had me in such an unflattering angle….oh but wait, there was more than one picture.

Anywho I was down to 187 on Saturday morning (before the beer and margaritas…and oh the Wendys at 1 am).  But as of yesterday evening I was back up to 191.  However, I have been eating like a champ and I have exactly one month until I”m off to Vegas.  And I’d really like to feel comfortable that picture’s like the above mentioned do not repeat themselves next month :).

I guess either way the scale is going in the right direction and It’s been 6 weeks of at least 4 days a week at the gym so I have to give myself some credit!

Happy & Fit

14 Mar

So I know I haven’t posted for a LONG time.  But, I”m happy to report that I think I am the healthiest I have been in probably about a year.  I haven’t seen the scale drop too much (I’m current 192.8 lbs).  However, the inches I have seen melt off of me.  I think part of the reason the scale isn’t dropping is the amount of lifting I’m doing.  But, I just have to learn to not focus on a number and focus on how I feel and how I look.  I did start a 9 day cleanse on Monday and today is my first FULL cleanse day and it’s only 8 AM and I feel very hungry.  However, I know I can do this!  I have done a full cleanse day before and I can do it again.  The point of the cleanse is to nip a downward spiral I saw coming in the bud before it starts to derail me from my goals.  I went home over the weekend because my grandfather was sick and between eating at home, visiting family and going out to eat, and airport food I absolutely made some poor choices.  I got back Sunday and decided to start the cleanse on Monday to ensure that I stay on track and I don’t let any sugar/carb highs from the weekend visit get me off track!

I have been in Atlanta for almost a year now and I am SO SO SO happy to say things are finally coming together and I’m starting to make friends.  I found a girl at the gym who had become a “workout buddy” and she too played college basketball and works out intensely.  So we make fantastic partners who really push and challenge eachother with some friendly competition.  I also made some friends at work with whom J (my boyfriend) and I joined a Sunday kick ball league with.  We found some friends we went to school with who recently moved down here.  It is just all coming together and I realize why it was so hard for me to lose weight this past year.  You can’t lose weight when your unhappy. Period.

So do I have any goals?

Whyyy yes I do 🙂

I’m heading to Vegas April 19th for J’s birthday and I would love, love, love to be around 184 (what I was before I moved to Atlanta) to feel comfortable while I’m there!  I’m hoping that at the end of this cleanse I can get down to 188 or so (and keep it off).  And the final four lbs is just nutrition.

I will say over all I am eating clean 65% of the time and then other 35% is basically Fri-Sat of junk.  I am going to work on upping that to 85% and 15% over the next few weeks.  I need to start posting pics of the recipes I’ve been making.  I have turned into quite the clean chef!

I hope everyone else has been on track for 2013 and having a terrific Thursday!!!