2 Jan

So most of December I was MIA.  I lost about 8 lbs in December not for good reasons.  Because I was depressed, upset, lonely, and just an all around unhappy woman.  But, I ended up gaining that back and probably a few lbs more the last week and a half of December when i went home and ate and drank like I hadn’t seen food in years.

Not going to dwell on it but, 2012 taught me so many lessons.

1.  I cannot successfully lose weight when my self esteem is crushed and I’m basically miserable

2.  You cannot fake happiness. 

3. Expensive gym membership does not guarantee you will lose weight

4. Restricting/Fad Dieting does not work

5. See above, cleanses also do not work if you resume eating like a maniac after the cleanse ends

So I don’t do new years resolutions because there is no point.  Either you are going to do something or you are not and if you really want to do something don’t wait til 2013 you should have started doing it in November or whenever you realized that you needed to self improve.  But my goals for the next month are to:

1. Stop eating when full

2. Not eat in front of the television

3. Have a balanced diet, do not deprive myself of anything

4. Find a workout program that is budget friendly and I look forward to doing


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