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It’s called a break up because its broke

18 Dec

I broke up with my boyfriend Sunday night… It’s been an emotional roller coaster but it was totally necessary. He was holding me back and my biggest non supporter in my weight loss journey!

So I’m leaving to head home to Maine Friday for a week and a half. Coming back and moving out and will again be independent and 2013 will be a year where all my goals will be met. No unsupportive boyfriend to hold me back!


It’s a loss!

7 Dec

192.4 lbs that’s a week one loss of 6.6 lbs!! Very happy with my progress but not over celebrating!


How I feel right now..

6 Dec


Just had an amazing workout with BLAST 900 in Atlanta. Hands down one of the best work outs I have had. Absolutely suggest it to anyone in the Atlanta area. Starting December 15th they have monthly unlimited packages!



6 Dec


Yup I’m still on track I will do my weekly weigh in tomorrow!