The BIG 197

2 Nov

So hopped on the scale this morning

Let me rephrase this….I DRAGGED the scale out, stepped one leg on it and really debated putting it back away.  But, I slowly stepped on it and what number do I see again 197.  Thanks a lot Sandy for not only getting me stranded but gifting me a big 3 lb gain!  So, I’m doing a mini cleanse to get my metabolism back on track, cravings down, and to get rid of some of this bloat, oh and to become regular again (sorry if that is TMI).

Today is day 1 of cleanse juice and I’m sorta kinda dying.  I will give myself a win for today (it’s 9:40 AM I think it’s a little early to be patting myself on the back for day one but whatever).  My wonderful skinny can’t gain weight boyfriend has take fives and starbursts sitting on our kitchen island and I grabbed a take five and really was going to eat it.  But, I put it back after pondering if it was worth it.

There was a devil in one ear saying its just one little bite size candy, It can’t kill you, it’s early in the morning

But my intelligence told me that if your going to do something, do it right.  Don’t cheat.

*pats self on the back*

So about some goals:

1. By Nov 19th I’d like to be down to 187

  • Started the cleanse today, will end the cleanse on the 11th.  Should be down to 190 at the end of the cleanse
  • Good diet and exercise the 12-18th should get me down to 187 by the 19th
  • Leave for Atlantic City & Thanksgiving in NJ the 19th-24th.  Goal is to only gain a max of 1 lb while I’m there

2. By Dec 21st I’d like to be down to 175

  • Return from NJ on the Nov 24th.  That gives me 28 Days to lose 12 pounds.  Tough?  yes. Impossible? No.

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