1 Nov

So my lack of blogging was due to the fact that

1. I lost my iPhone two Mondays ago  and got a replacement sent to my house and arrived Thursday a week ago but I was traveling which brings me to my next excuse

2. I haven’t been at my house since  last WEDNESDAY thanks to traveling to New York for business and being STRANDED thanks to Sandy.

I will say my thoughts and prayers go out to all those in NYC, NJ and the surrounding areas that were hit because I was terrified in my hotel room.  I can’t imagine having to go back and seeing the distruction of your home or car.  There was some damage done to my rental car but Enterprise will have to deal with that haha.


Anywho I got back yesterday and now I’m back on track.  Clearly the extended traveling time in NYC threw off my diet and my exercise but so is life.


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