Why I love Isagenix

17 Oct

So for the past two months EVERY morning for breakfast I have an Isagenix protein shake.  And I have to tell you that I HIGHLY recommend this protein for multiple reasons.

1. Even when I fell off the wagon I continued to use it, so clearly it tastes delicious and isn’t something that can only be stomached/forced down when on your best “diet behavior” 🙂

2. Only 24 grams of carbs (11 g of sugar) per serving – low on the glycemic index

3. Protein shake that is MADE to be a meal replacement.  You will be full for two-three hours after drinking it.  I can guarantee you that

4. I have sold it to a lot of friends and family and it’s like we have a special bond through this product (sounds cheesy, but its true)

5. I prefer it to shakeology (the p90x equivalent) because I think it tastes better and its whey protein from grass fed cows which is in line with clean eating principles!

photo.JPGI keep a full stock of both flavors of IsaLean at my desk at work at all times!  Breakfast and occasionally if I get hungry in the afternoon for a pre-workout snack!   Email me: serena.dubois@gmail.com if you would like to give it a try, have any questions, or if you have tried it and fallen in love like I have I can make you an associate so you can get special discounts and promotions!!  It has helped me control the first and most important meal of the day!  Breakfast 🙂


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