Weigh in Wednesday….good news

10 Oct

So here is my weight for today….


Down 5 lbs! I’m not giving myself too much credit here since I’m sure some of it was bloat/water weight fro mover eating and not hydrating enough prior to that but for my first week back at it I’m happy with the results. I need to keep going with this momentum. I’m not lying It’s def tough but knowing that Fri night I can have a few drinks and a meal I normally wouldn’t eat for the other 6 3/4 days of the week is keeping me motivated!!

p90X is going well.. I’m very sore but I like the feeling of being sore. Tomorrow is Yoga so I’m very excited to get in a good stretch! 3 days down 87 to go. God, that sounds awful saying that but I can honestly say I’ve never stuck to any consistent 6 day diet or workout routine for 90 days so if I can get through this I will be SO SO SO proud of myself!!


2 Responses to “Weigh in Wednesday….good news”

  1. evalentina October 12, 2012 at 2:00 pm #

    Way to go girl. I’m “enjoying” the p90x as well. They have the class at a nearby gym and three classes in are going well.

    Keep up the great work, you’ll have to post some after pics so we can all rejoice with you over your hard work!!

    • Fitnessshewrote October 12, 2012 at 4:27 pm #

      haha omg…so im just realizing i think we are doing the same classes. Are you in Chamblee??

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