Sticking to my goals

4 Oct

photo.JPGSo day 1 (yesterday) of my October goals went well.  Ate clean, and trained dirty!  Can barely feel my arms from doing so many push ups but got a good workout in and met my goal of burning at least 600 cals in a 1 hour workout!  I felt myself pushing myself so much harder to meet my goal and i exceeded it by 110 calories, not too bad!

My coworkers are bringing me to lunch today for my birthday but I will NOT be letting this throw me off track.  About to go online and check out menus now so I can find a healthy option at a good restaurant….and once I get there I’m not even opening the menu.  No getting side tracked!

Have a good Thursday ya’ll!!


One Response to “Sticking to my goals”

  1. Grass Mats October 8, 2012 at 4:02 pm #

    Keep up the good work! I’m currently in a cutting down phase, so lots of cardio and very few calories. It’s going ok, but I’m usually quite hangry for most of the day! Just want carbs!

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