Tall Girls Rock!

2 Oct

So I hope not many of you watch the trashy tv I watch….but I follow Tami Roman from Basketball Wives Miami on twitter because I find her hysterical.  And she just posted a weight loss challenge and she says she’s 185 lbs with a goal weight of 160lbs.  Which i am ecstatic about!  Someone who is famous and in the lime light (who i never would have guessed was 185 lbs) is 5’10 and has a goal weight similar to mine and a starting weight similar to mine.  Sorry I just get excited because I get so sick and tired of seeing 130lbs, 140 lbs when no matter what even if i was sick as a dog and couldn’t keep food down for months could NEVER get below 160 lbs.  And if I did I would probably look terrible and not well.



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