I wish I had a legitmate excuse this time…

1 Oct

I really dont.

Just pure laziness and lack of motivation.

I went away this past weekend for my birthday and ate way more than i needed to.  And I knew two weeks in advance I was so I basically just half assed the past two weeks with a workout here and there and a very relaxed diet.  I always do this to myself if I know there is something tempting in my near future where I will be drinking, and eating more than I know I should I will say well hell with it for now and try to resume things after that event is done.  It’s a terrible thought process.

I think my major issue is the fact that it is now pitch dark at 6am. So morning workouts are really hard to get out of bed for.

My gym is starting a p90X challenge group next week and i signed up so hopefully that gives me some extra motivation to get me out of this rut.

And I need to save money so going out to eat these next few months won’t happen which has been my down fall up to now.

Haven’t stepped on the scale but I’m sure I’m up a few pounds.


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