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What have YOU done this morning??

18 Oct


Killed a 6 am workout!  Now to get through my work day, get my hair done and not miss my flight to Houston tonight! Wish me luck!!


I also joined this weight loss challenge today!  I encourage anyone who would like to join in for some friendly encouragement, motivation, and friendly competition to join in 🙂


Training dirty!

18 Oct


Another great workout today! Arms and shoulders and 2 miles on the treadmill!

Death to the office treats!!

17 Oct

I am feeling a little late afternoon hunger, decide to grab a cup of coffee to hold me over until I get home.  Head into the break area and what do I see?

Seriously?? Seriously?? Must we celebrate everything with Cake.  How about a nice fruit salad!  I grumpily didn’t say anything to anyone and started chugging my coffee.

Serena : 1    Cake  : 0

Why I love Isagenix

17 Oct

So for the past two months EVERY morning for breakfast I have an Isagenix protein shake.  And I have to tell you that I HIGHLY recommend this protein for multiple reasons.

1. Even when I fell off the wagon I continued to use it, so clearly it tastes delicious and isn’t something that can only be stomached/forced down when on your best “diet behavior” 🙂

2. Only 24 grams of carbs (11 g of sugar) per serving – low on the glycemic index

3. Protein shake that is MADE to be a meal replacement.  You will be full for two-three hours after drinking it.  I can guarantee you that

4. I have sold it to a lot of friends and family and it’s like we have a special bond through this product (sounds cheesy, but its true)

5. I prefer it to shakeology (the p90x equivalent) because I think it tastes better and its whey protein from grass fed cows which is in line with clean eating principles!

photo.JPGI keep a full stock of both flavors of IsaLean at my desk at work at all times!  Breakfast and occasionally if I get hungry in the afternoon for a pre-workout snack!   Email me: if you would like to give it a try, have any questions, or if you have tried it and fallen in love like I have I can make you an associate so you can get special discounts and promotions!!  It has helped me control the first and most important meal of the day!  Breakfast 🙂


Who had a good workout today?

17 Oct


I did….

Week 2…not so sore

16 Oct

So i’m officially into the second week of p90x and i feel fabulous. Did Chest & Back last night which was tons of pull ups and push ups.  And I’m barely sore today. However, today is plyometrics which I’d rather kick rocks right now than go do anymore squat jacks.  But, it’s only an hour…i can do anything for an hour!!

Just to add some humor to your day….

What I think I look like doing pullups:

What I really look like:

Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels…AMEN

12 Oct

I am feeling so fabulous that I honestly don’t even want to go out and enjoy my relaxed meal….I know crazy right??  I worked my butt off at the gym this morning.  I lost 5 lbs last week.  Perhaps by 6pm when I get home from work I’ll think differently but as for right now…

This just about sums it up for me.  Right now I feel on top of the world.  I’m going to do an intense workout tomorrow and the last thing I need is some pasta or burger weighing me down and going to sleep feeling guilty and waking up feeling like a fat a** for my 10am workout!

So review of day 4 of p90x.  I LOVE IT.  I love how strong i feel when I’m lifting and I feel great. I’m sore but not sore enough that I can’t push through additional workouts.  I’ve been adding 30 mins of cardio before and after to get me to my calorie goal of around 800 calories per workout.  But so far I feel great.

I am eating clean and training dirty and I love it!!