20 Sep

So i’ve never had the ball to try eggplant…and I got it today for lunch (eggplant parm). Itt was 340 calories of deliciousness and I’m honestly feeling BETTER than I would have if I just ate a big old plate of spagetti or ravioli.  Why?  Because 1. I’m perfectly full 2. I barely noticed there was no carbs since there was some cheese and marinara (with no added sugar) in it. 3. There is no guilt associated with it.  I was really missing out.  I wonder what other foods fat Serena never tried for 23 years and skinny Serena needs to discover 😉


One Response to “Eggplant..”

  1. katiedaisy921 September 21, 2012 at 12:27 pm #

    That’s awesome. I just recently discovered eggplant too, and I love it. What about kale? Has skinny Serena tried kale yet?? 😉

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