I don’t know if its the weather..

18 Sep

But i have ZERO motivation to go to the gym.  Haven’t been since Saturday and the rainy, dreary weather is not making it any easier :(.  I need to go to the gym tonight bad, but at the same time I have stuck to Paleo and you know the saying that you lose weight in the kitchen, get fit in the gym.  And right now I need to focus on losing fat. 

I went shopping this past weekend and am no longer a size 8 i am now a size 10/12.  That was certainly eye opening and half the stuff I bought (I don’t try things on, hate the effort involved with undressing and redressing in a store) didn’t fit over my ass.  So that was a nice depressing way to end my Saturday. 

The boyfriend is already complaining left and right about Paleo.  He really isn’t a huge drinker and Friday-Sunday he just had to have beer.  He is complaining of lack of snacks in the house even though i swear he doesn’t normally ever have “dessert” or an after dinner snack so clearly this whole new Paleo life style is causing him to crave things he has taken for granted.  I’m very interested to see how this whole Paleo dinner system works for him.  I really think that once you start to “diet” the desire to want to eat more junk/binge pops up.  And he NEVER eats more than he needs to, has no issue walking away from half his plate at a restaurant and always refuses dessert.  So if he starts acting differently my hunch is going to be confirmed. 

I really have had a terrible last few days and my commute to work today took an hour longer than necessary and I hate the project I’m working on right now at work so it looks like this week isn’t going to get any better. FANTASTIC.


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