Making Friends?

12 Sep

I can’t even explain the thoughts that went through my head this morning as I was starving.  And I accidentally set my early alarm for only a few days of the week instead of every day so I didn’t get in my morning work out grrr.  But, I had my IsaLean shake half an hour ago and I’m feeling very full.  I also packed up a gym bag and WILL be going to hot yoga tonight.  No excuses with fitness or the diet. Excuses is what caused me to gain some weight back the last few weeks.

So as most of you know I’ve only lived here in ATL for a few months and I really haven’t made any friends which is part of the reason I gained weight since I moved.  Sitting at home with the boyfriend all weekend eating and drinking isn’t working….surprise, surprise.  So I decided to go on to try to find something we could do to meet new people.  Well last night I found something a few miles from my house.  A wine tasting for young professional women.  The organization that hosts it is called WGirls.  I am almost positive I’ll join since the foundation of it is volunteer work with young girls who need direction in life.  So I’m nervous/excited to meet new people.  I haven’t decided if I’m going to participate in the wine tasting.  It’s really tough because the two things I want are to make friends and get in shape.  And it’s weird to go to a wine tasting if you aren’t going to drink…. Sigh.  Regardless, I’m happy at the prospect of meeting some people my age her are also new in town looking to network!


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