Love & Paleo

10 Sep

So me and J (the bf) have made a big decision.  To lead a clean/Paleo lifestyle TOGETHER.  This is HUGE.  If your familiar with my about me or other posts you know that J is one of those people we love to hate.  They can eat whatever they want, whatever they want and not gain a pound.  Which is problematic since if I eat a cookie or pasta I gain a lb instantly.  Sooo after a week of talking and debating we have decided that our home will be clean eating.  He can eat out at lunch and make his own decisions but under our roof it will be strictly clean/Paleo.  So no coming home with a case of beer, or picking out chips and hot dogs at the grocery store and  having it sit around and haunt me all week.  I am SO excited and very happy he is doing this for me.  I mean if I were him with that metabolism I would probably eat whatever i wanted too haha. 

I debated a few different things that we could do now that I’m done with Isagenix.  I am still going to use Isagenix in my new eating plan for breakfast and post workout shakes.  I love their shakes and would recommend them to anyone who would like a protein shake that is tasty, filling and very low in sugar.  But, Paleo seemed like the easiest for us to do because he does Crossfit and I think that if he did Paleo even half the time he’d see great results and eventually go full time and dedicate his entire life style to clean eating and fitness.

I’m loving all the recipes people are posting about Paleo on wordpress and am very excited to try some new things like avocado deviled eggs and crab stuffed peppers.  I’m just praying that I can cook enough stuff he likes early so he doesn’t give up on it in the first few weeks.  This is the first time he’s ever attempted to follow any type of eating plan.  But, this is a really important step in our relationship because I do take my health so seriously I can’t see myself committing long term who doesn’t have similar health goals.  Regardless of weight, I think its very important to cut out processed food to have a long life with minimal health issues.


  If anyone is in the Atlanta area and knows of good places to get good clean eats other than the general Kroger’s, Publix etc let me know because I want to start exploring new places to grocery shop!


One Response to “Love & Paleo”

  1. Miss Rosie September 11, 2012 at 4:54 am #

    so awesome your bf is doing paleo with you!.. mine is clinging on to dairy for dear life. 🙂 and he is also one of those who can eat anything in the world and not gain a pound. those jerks.

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