Back on Board

5 Sep

So after getting hit with the flu I am FINALLY feeling 100% today.  It’s been over a week since I’ve been to the gym and had a full day of clean eating.  I couldn’t be happier to be back. Bad news is I gained 4 lbs I think most of it is water weight because I cut my water consumption down significantly when I was sick (bad I know).

Anywho I need to vent a bit.  Sometimes it REALLY bothers me that my boyfriend doesn’t take his fitness seriously and won’t participate in my life style.  He hates the gym, and he refuses to give up his junk food.  And to me that is almost a deal breaker.  I read other people blogs and their partner is super supportive, prepping them healthy meals, side by side in a workout.  I find it so discouraging that he doesn’t partake in a healhy lifestyle because he doesn’t need to.  No he isn’t over weight, and to an outsider he looks like he is in good shape thanks to his good genes.  But when we met eachother 6 years ago he had a six pack and was in amazing shape (granted we were both playing college basketball at this point and i certainly looked different 20 lbs lighter).  But, I just don’t understand why he wouldn’t want to get back to where he was before.  It almost gives me an excuse as to how i let my weight go because he too isn’t where he was when we first met.   I’m just discouraged….


BUT I am not letting that get me off track.  So far today I’ve had my Isagenix shake, 48 oz of water and a peach.  I’m due for round two of my IsaLean shake in the next hour or so.  And my preworkout snack is 2 hard boiled egg.  Steak and mixed veggies on deck for dinner tonight!  Yummm. 


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