Unhappy Labor Day Weekend to me….

4 Sep

Both me and the hunny were bed ridden up til yesterday.  We got some type of flu virus bad and had to cancel our trip to Boston to see our dear friends get married.  It was terrible, tears were shed and being that sick with someone else is terrible.  Sharing toilet time, tissues, and switching couch rotations was not a good time.  But, good news is i’m feeling better.  Not positive if I’ll be able to return to the gym today since I’m still pretty congested and blowing my nose regularly.  I don’t see heading to the gym with a big box of tissues being a good look so if it doesn’t slow down I will have to wait another day.  It was a woozy and def set me off track with Isagenix.  I was eating soup and saltines basically every day.   Hope everyone had a MUCH better long weekend than I did 🙂


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