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20 Sep




20 Sep

So i’ve never had the ball to try eggplant…and I got it today for lunch (eggplant parm). Itt was 340 calories of deliciousness and I’m honestly feeling BETTER than I would have if I just ate a big old plate of spagetti or ravioli.  Why?  Because 1. I’m perfectly full 2. I barely noticed there was no carbs since there was some cheese and marinara (with no added sugar) in it. 3. There is no guilt associated with it.  I was really missing out.  I wonder what other foods fat Serena never tried for 23 years and skinny Serena needs to discover 😉

Gym Gym Gym & random thoughts

19 Sep


  • 45 Minutes til I leave work and head to the gym and get a kick ass workout out in!
  • Oh and I def need to post an updated weight.  So I will do that when I get home.
  • I have spilled a drink at my desk the last 3 days.  Let’s see if I can make it 5/5 for this week..sweet life!
  • I hate people who are huge self promoters on fb. Nobody cares about your raise, or how you just finished a 10M project. I couldn’t care less.
  • I just figured out what masters program I will be starting in fall 2013!
  • Kayne West and Kim K make me want to puke

Risky Crispy Treats are not Paleo…

18 Sep

I just got through the lunch line staring at this bad boy.  I won the battle and am proud to say i left with my salad and did not bring this delicious piece of joy back to my desk.  Serena 1 – Temptation 0

I don’t know if its the weather..

18 Sep

But i have ZERO motivation to go to the gym.  Haven’t been since Saturday and the rainy, dreary weather is not making it any easier :(.  I need to go to the gym tonight bad, but at the same time I have stuck to Paleo and you know the saying that you lose weight in the kitchen, get fit in the gym.  And right now I need to focus on losing fat. 

I went shopping this past weekend and am no longer a size 8 i am now a size 10/12.  That was certainly eye opening and half the stuff I bought (I don’t try things on, hate the effort involved with undressing and redressing in a store) didn’t fit over my ass.  So that was a nice depressing way to end my Saturday. 

The boyfriend is already complaining left and right about Paleo.  He really isn’t a huge drinker and Friday-Sunday he just had to have beer.  He is complaining of lack of snacks in the house even though i swear he doesn’t normally ever have “dessert” or an after dinner snack so clearly this whole new Paleo life style is causing him to crave things he has taken for granted.  I’m very interested to see how this whole Paleo dinner system works for him.  I really think that once you start to “diet” the desire to want to eat more junk/binge pops up.  And he NEVER eats more than he needs to, has no issue walking away from half his plate at a restaurant and always refuses dessert.  So if he starts acting differently my hunch is going to be confirmed. 

I really have had a terrible last few days and my commute to work today took an hour longer than necessary and I hate the project I’m working on right now at work so it looks like this week isn’t going to get any better. FANTASTIC.

Gym Pet Peeve

13 Sep

So this morning at 5:30 am when I was at the gym *pats self on the back*….I notice a very over weight woman I’ve seen at the gum since early summer doing her 1×1 workout with a trainer.  When you do workouts with the trainer they will make you run around the perimeter of the gym as cardio in between sets or as warm ups.  In the middle of the gym they have a cardio room so for half of the lap you are not visible to the trainer.  So this woman repeatedly for the entire workout would run up to the point she was no longer within eye sight of the trainer and then she would STOP and walk slowly around the half of the loop she couldn’t be seen doing.  So I have many issues with this because:

1. You are only cheating yourself in the workout.  At the end of the day the trainer doesn’t have to look at your body in the mirror or deal with your health issues.  They can only try to motivate you and prepare good workouts.  They aren’t your mom they can’t scold you if you walk so if you want to be lazy be consistently lazy and don’t fake it to make it during a workout.

2. You pay a shit load of money for a trainer.  If you want to walk and be lazy opt with the basic membership and work out solo or in a group class. You are throwing money out the window. 

3. Do you not think other people at the gym see you and take note?  If your going to care what the trainer thinks enough to do your 50/50 run trick then I would hope you would also be afraid of judgement by the other 50 people witnessing you do this while they are hard at work in their workout.

Needless to say I was giving her this look EACH time i saw her do this  This is the “seriously b*tch?” look. LOL


This is my biggest pet peeve.  Don’t cheat yourself out of a workout. Skipping a few sets, walking instead of running, anything that cuts corners is mind blowing to me.

Making Friends?

12 Sep

I can’t even explain the thoughts that went through my head this morning as I was starving.  And I accidentally set my early alarm for only a few days of the week instead of every day so I didn’t get in my morning work out grrr.  But, I had my IsaLean shake half an hour ago and I’m feeling very full.  I also packed up a gym bag and WILL be going to hot yoga tonight.  No excuses with fitness or the diet. Excuses is what caused me to gain some weight back the last few weeks.

So as most of you know I’ve only lived here in ATL for a few months and I really haven’t made any friends which is part of the reason I gained weight since I moved.  Sitting at home with the boyfriend all weekend eating and drinking isn’t working….surprise, surprise.  So I decided to go on to try to find something we could do to meet new people.  Well last night I found something a few miles from my house.  A wine tasting for young professional women.  The organization that hosts it is called WGirls.  I am almost positive I’ll join since the foundation of it is volunteer work with young girls who need direction in life.  So I’m nervous/excited to meet new people.  I haven’t decided if I’m going to participate in the wine tasting.  It’s really tough because the two things I want are to make friends and get in shape.  And it’s weird to go to a wine tasting if you aren’t going to drink…. Sigh.  Regardless, I’m happy at the prospect of meeting some people my age her are also new in town looking to network!