Damn Cupcakes!

28 Aug

I walk into the break room at work and that’s what I was facing.  Legit 400 cupcakes with a bunch of guy starting to devour them.  It is our companies anniversary so I guess they decided to stock every break room with 4 cupcakes per head.  Sure, make us fatter…makes sense.

I however sat at my desk and munched on  my carrots and chugged a small coffee.  Damage: 60 calories.  Damage of ONE cupcake: 260 calories.  Whose the ish right now?? ME!

So I haven’t stepped on the scale..you know why?  Because i am AFRAID of falure.  I am afraid of stepping on it and seeing 190 and deciding to throw in the towel.  Or even worse see it at 195 where I started.  In the past getting to where I am now. Almost a month in is where I normally wouldn’t see a budge in the number on the scale and give up.  Or see a great number and start slipping into old habits in hope that a little ice cream here won’t hurt. Or a little bread with dinner won’t hurt.  I think the best thing for me right now is to not weigh myself because at the end of the day I could be 190 lbs or rock solid muscle or 190 of pure fat and look TOTALLY different.  So focus on eating right, exercising hard, and making sure my clothes fit and say goodbye to the scale until I’m more confident that stepping on it won’t cause me to fail.


One Response to “Damn Cupcakes!”

  1. Lauren August 28, 2012 at 8:48 pm #

    I know what you mean about the scale. I haven’t weight myself in like 2 weeks, and I certainly feel like I have gotten smaller, but we will see!

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