27 Aug

I had a bad weekend. 

My parents came and they are both physical therapists and they basically got mad at me for eating my diet food.  And convinced me into eating italian food when we went out.  It was my decision and my lack of will power but it really sucks when its 5 against 1 and your the host and can’t drag them to all healthy restaurants all weekend.  My younger sister is quite over weight and has gained it over the last few years.  She actually has IBS and dropped a ton of weight when she went on an IBS diet and then someone how she managed to get off the diet and eat normally again which was unhealthy snacks secretively.  I’m not sure why she likes to eat in private but she does.  But any who, she loves to eat bread and basically won’t eat anything without bread. So she wanted to get Italian both nights, and shes one of those people if you want to make sure is happy because she will make your life MISERABLE if she isn’t happy.  So long story short after bread bowls, pasta, white sauce, and some mojitos I royally failed sat and sun.

But, on the bright side i KILLED my workout on Saturday.  In a class of 18 people after a full body circuit workout for 45 minutes I came in 3rd running two miles.  The first girl and I wasn’t far behind the second male.  I was very proud of myself for being able to mentally push through a run after already killing myself in the main workout.  I took very few rests and I really feel like my fitness is starting to go to the next level.  I wish I could find one good workout partner that could really push me harder in workouts. 

One other piece of bad news is Sept 1st my boxing class is no longer being offered at my gym.  So now I have to find a new workout for Mondays and Wednesdays.  Sigh.  I’m thinking hot yoga perhaps?   My plan as of the last week (so indecisive) is to focus this next month of September on getting thinner.  And I think hot yoga could help with long lean muscles so we will see.


For everyone who has slipped up this weekend here is some motivation:


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