Polar HRM

21 Aug


Had my first day with my polar HRM yesterday.  I ran 2 miles and did an hour of boxing at it was 1185 calories ( i also kept it on in the down time between workouts and my ride home) and I ended up burning a little under 1200 calories.  Not to bad.  I absolutely loved being able to look down and see my heart rate/cals burned and will definitely be using this to push me through every workout!  It was also nice because it transmitted my HR info to the treadmill so it was nice knowing the info on the treadmill was correct.

I’m still following Isagenix.  I’m weighing in this Wednesday.  It will be two weeks on Wednesday.  I’m trying to stay away from the scale and go more on how I feel….which is great!!  This is quite possibly the easiest healthy life style change I’ve ever made.  I look forward to the shakes every day.  It has also really taken away from the stress of having to make healthy decisions at restaurants/the caf at work/the grocery store.  Since I know 4 small meals out of the day I use Isagenix products and my final dinner meal I enjoy a low carb dinner of my choice :).  I just sold some product to my gaybffl (gay best friend for life) and im so excited to see how his results are.  He is doing the 9 day cleanse to basically detox and lose the bloat and wait he gained from a two week vacation in Bermuda!


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