A poem….and my shake :)

15 Aug


me super excited to drink my morning IsaLean shake!!  I’m feeling simply fabuloussss today!  Stepped on the scale last night and i was 189.4 which is a total lbs lost of 5.4 in ONE WEEK. But tonight is officially one week so I’ll be using tonight’s weight and measurements to update my weight loss section.

My baby sister is off to college Friday and I wrote her a poem that I thought I’d share with you guys.  it’s silly but it actually gets me SO emotional when I read it.  Hope you like it and if your sending a family member off to college this fall you can relate with the excitement/nervousness. We are super close and she is going to college thousands of miles away from home in FL but semi close to me in GA so I’ll be her closest family member 🙂

There you were in your cap and tassel
Ready to make the world your castle
It seems just yesterday you were a kid
Watching everything I did

With happiness and energy you were full

You even liked to share with Tate and Topaz when you ate a popsicle

Your favorite cartoon was Scooby-Doo

Do you remember when you had a mullet? That was cute too

You were always smiling and sucking your thumb

You were so tough but you surely weren’t numb!

I hung you in the basement from pipes and gave you a swing

Next thing I knew you were in the emergency wing

I picked fun of you but I never was mean

I didn’t let anyone else be either, ask Emily Leen

But I didn’t need to stick up for you, you were tough

Your biggest issue was waking up

I want to give you some wisdom as you’re off to college

Although I know you think I have no knowledge

Go to bed before midnight on week days and do work in between class

If you don’t you’ll be sleeping all day and won’t pass

Study along the way don’t wait ‘til the last minute

Stay away from anything that would show up on a drug test or requires being lit

Choose wisely in the cafeteria you don’t want to gain the freshman fifteen

Don’t do anything illegal you’ll be tried as an adult as you are no longer a teen

It’s true what they say about tequila, it does make your clothes fall off

So drink responsibly and stay the hell away from Rubinoff

Remember 90% of boys just want to get in your pants

So choose wisely and you won’t have to hear any of my rants

My distance from you is 369 miles

So if you ever need me I will come it will only take a little while

If we put it into kilometers it’s 594

You might feel home sick at first but I promise you after you get settled in you’ll be ready for more

You will be fine because you’ll be caught up in college fun

But, remember your family is missing you and their number one

College can be tough so don’t hesitate to call

I’m always here to talk about anything, anything at all

I couldn’t be prouder, Aimee, of you
I wish you success in all you do
Remember one thing I want you to know
My love is with you wherever you go.


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