15 Aug

The Fat Kid in Me

In the world of exercise nothing has risen to cult status quicker than Crossfit. I don’t mean that as a compliment. Everyone who’s nobody is doing it, and they all seem to think they’ve won the golden ticket. Crossfitters posses a smug self-satisfaction that rivals the lunatics who wake up at 5am to do BootCamp. Like good cult members they are quick to extol the virtues of Crossfit in an effort to suck you in. My theory? Misery loves company. Below is a point/counterpoint.

Let me tell you about my Crossfit class.

I wish I was Tupac so I could make my hologram have this conversation with you.

It’s the best $150 a month I’ve ever spent.

F— you, you elite capitalist snob. I’m part of the 99%. I don’t have an extra $150 a month. If I did I wouldn’t spend it on Crossfit. I’d buy a “Wanna Get…

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