Day 1 of Isagenix & Blog Changes

8 Aug


So I told you there would be changes….and they are just about complete! Take a look around and look at the changes that have just been implemented! You will be getting DAILY, yes folks DAILY posts and my new format needs a picture for each post so looks like I’m going to have to start finding my inner photographer * i know its in this body of mine somewhere*. I am SO excited about life right now. I have a great feeling about where my head and motivation is at.

I know ya’ll are wondering it’s mid way through Day 1….How am I feeling??

I am feeling great! I am actually feeling full and no I haven’t had one piece of hard food today just Isagenix shakes and snacks! I’m due for another snack in less than an hour and I am excited to try the berry oatmeal bar that I will have! I have a full arsenal of Isagenix products all stocked at my desk and I’ve never felt so organized and not stressed about my meals for the next month. Me and my shake bottle will now be bff’s (my photo) lol!

I also found some great resources via social media for how I can start training for fitness competitions. Cathy Savage ( has resources right here in Atlanta I am going to utilize. They have a facebook page and the ambassadors in Atlanta hold weekly Sunday workout sessions where you get a kick ass workout and you get posing lessons. It’s a little pricey at $30 a session but I think after a few weeks when I’m more confident I will give it a try and do it every few weeks. It’s intimidating because these girls are in AMAZING shape. But, I will get there too! I’m not in terrible shape now I mean I finished Insanity this morning without being sore and taking maybe 2 breaks….

This is my new signature that I will be signing off on because it’s everything that I am standing for. Notice that weight loss, skinny, thin none of those words are in it. Because that is no longer what I’m focusing on. Hope everyone is having a fabulous hump day!




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