Patiently Waiting

5 Aug

So I’ve been waiting to post because I’m waiting on an important shipment to come which was supposed to come Friday but didn’t get delivered grrr. Then I find out yesterday the shipper didn’t enter my address correctly so it didn’t get delivered. So TODAY I should be getting my 30 day cleanse that a close friend of mine has done and says she feels like a brand new woman!

I’m super excited!

On another note I think I need to go to a doctor because my ankle has been in pain for the past two weeks. It is so strange, I rolled my ankle probably a month and a half ago and two weeks ago I work heels to work and since that day my ankle has been in extreme pain. The last week it has died down but I get shooting pain through the top of my foot every once in a while. I haven’t ran for 2 weeks which is disappointing. I haven’t gone to a doctor since I’ve moved to Atlanta so it’s going to be a pain in the ass to find a doctor….sigh.

I’ll post tonight/tomorrow once I get my package and learn more about this cleanse!


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