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Damn Cupcakes!

28 Aug

I walk into the break room at work and that’s what I was facing.  Legit 400 cupcakes with a bunch of guy starting to devour them.  It is our companies anniversary so I guess they decided to stock every break room with 4 cupcakes per head.  Sure, make us fatter…makes sense.

I however sat at my desk and munched on  my carrots and chugged a small coffee.  Damage: 60 calories.  Damage of ONE cupcake: 260 calories.  Whose the ish right now?? ME!

So I haven’t stepped on the know why?  Because i am AFRAID of falure.  I am afraid of stepping on it and seeing 190 and deciding to throw in the towel.  Or even worse see it at 195 where I started.  In the past getting to where I am now. Almost a month in is where I normally wouldn’t see a budge in the number on the scale and give up.  Or see a great number and start slipping into old habits in hope that a little ice cream here won’t hurt. Or a little bread with dinner won’t hurt.  I think the best thing for me right now is to not weigh myself because at the end of the day I could be 190 lbs or rock solid muscle or 190 of pure fat and look TOTALLY different.  So focus on eating right, exercising hard, and making sure my clothes fit and say goodbye to the scale until I’m more confident that stepping on it won’t cause me to fail.



27 Aug

I had a bad weekend. 

My parents came and they are both physical therapists and they basically got mad at me for eating my diet food.  And convinced me into eating italian food when we went out.  It was my decision and my lack of will power but it really sucks when its 5 against 1 and your the host and can’t drag them to all healthy restaurants all weekend.  My younger sister is quite over weight and has gained it over the last few years.  She actually has IBS and dropped a ton of weight when she went on an IBS diet and then someone how she managed to get off the diet and eat normally again which was unhealthy snacks secretively.  I’m not sure why she likes to eat in private but she does.  But any who, she loves to eat bread and basically won’t eat anything without bread. So she wanted to get Italian both nights, and shes one of those people if you want to make sure is happy because she will make your life MISERABLE if she isn’t happy.  So long story short after bread bowls, pasta, white sauce, and some mojitos I royally failed sat and sun.

But, on the bright side i KILLED my workout on Saturday.  In a class of 18 people after a full body circuit workout for 45 minutes I came in 3rd running two miles.  The first girl and I wasn’t far behind the second male.  I was very proud of myself for being able to mentally push through a run after already killing myself in the main workout.  I took very few rests and I really feel like my fitness is starting to go to the next level.  I wish I could find one good workout partner that could really push me harder in workouts. 

One other piece of bad news is Sept 1st my boxing class is no longer being offered at my gym.  So now I have to find a new workout for Mondays and Wednesdays.  Sigh.  I’m thinking hot yoga perhaps?   My plan as of the last week (so indecisive) is to focus this next month of September on getting thinner.  And I think hot yoga could help with long lean muscles so we will see.


For everyone who has slipped up this weekend here is some motivation:

This weeks been crazy, but my diet HASNT beeen :)

24 Aug

I’m here, I’m alive and i’m feeling FANTASTIC!  The scale hasn’t budged but the inches have!  In just two weeks i am struggling to keep my work pants up ( loosing the budunkadunk) But anywho I have been super busy at work and my parents are arriving in ATL in TWO HOURS and I have to vacuum make the bed and start dinner so That is why I haven’t posted these last three days.

But yes I still believe in Isagenix and fitness and yes I’m still on track!!

Have a FABULOUS and FIT weekend everyone!

Polar HRM

21 Aug


Had my first day with my polar HRM yesterday.  I ran 2 miles and did an hour of boxing at it was 1185 calories ( i also kept it on in the down time between workouts and my ride home) and I ended up burning a little under 1200 calories.  Not to bad.  I absolutely loved being able to look down and see my heart rate/cals burned and will definitely be using this to push me through every workout!  It was also nice because it transmitted my HR info to the treadmill so it was nice knowing the info on the treadmill was correct.

I’m still following Isagenix.  I’m weighing in this Wednesday.  It will be two weeks on Wednesday.  I’m trying to stay away from the scale and go more on how I feel….which is great!!  This is quite possibly the easiest healthy life style change I’ve ever made.  I look forward to the shakes every day.  It has also really taken away from the stress of having to make healthy decisions at restaurants/the caf at work/the grocery store.  Since I know 4 small meals out of the day I use Isagenix products and my final dinner meal I enjoy a low carb dinner of my choice :).  I just sold some product to my gaybffl (gay best friend for life) and im so excited to see how his results are.  He is doing the 9 day cleanse to basically detox and lose the bloat and wait he gained from a two week vacation in Bermuda!

Fitness takes no vacation

18 Aug


I’m on a weekend get away with the boo but I’m not letting that get me off track! Yup your eyes are not playing tricks on you this is an early morning workout to start my Saturday off right. Nothing feels better then a nice long cardio workout and some abs!! Have a fabulous weekend yall!

It’s Friday…Friday

17 Aug

This is what I told myself when I hauled my ass out of bed this morning to workout before work because I know when I get out of work on a Friday my motivation is at ZERO.  I got in 30 minutes of interval training and ran two miles.  The run was tough I haven’t ran more than a mile in months.  But I need to start incorporating more running into my workout seeing that it is the best way for be to get results in weight loss.  Happy Friday Everyone!

80% Diet, 20% Exercise

16 Aug

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This is basically how I feel right now.  I’m in a groove with my diet and workout regimen.  I’m feeling great.  I’m looking forward to my shakes and my 600 calorie dinners.  I feel so in control.  I was talking to Jay last night and was saying that it’s so funny how in a week on Isagenix I have lost 5 lbs barely working out but through a two month weight loss challenge at my gym when I was working out 6 days a week I lost 2 lbs.  80% Diet, 20% Exercise anyone?? Yup I am a real life walking testimony to that nice little stat.  So last night I bought a Polar Heart Rate Monitor which I’m very excited about using in my workouts next week.  Since I”m doing more weight training it’s driving me crazy that I don’t have my calorie count from the treadmill and elliptical (which still is probably inaccurate).  So I caved and bought one.  I’ll have to let you know next week if i like it!